NCEA Results for 2012

It has taken some time, but I recently completed the NCEA analysis of last year’s results.  As expected it is fairly similar to past years. We have quite a few more achieving their best result in their online class this year compared to last, but on the negative side we had more on the wrong […]

NCEA Analysis 2012

Well what I can say.  Seems like results are improving slowly year by year, although not in any way that suggests dramatic improvement.   One thing is for certain – this works as far as NCEA results go.  I would expect to see the blue portion grow over the next few years.  The next stage […]

NCEA Analysis

Embedded below is a slideshow which briefly summarises NCEA results for 2010.  I would like to have that wort result stat last, but it is really only two courses that blew that out.  I am not one to see achievement in exams as the be all and end all when judging a course, but the […]

NCEA (In)Consistency

Not the normal sort of post from me today, but when you work across so many schools as I do you start to notice a real inconsistency in the way we approach internal assessment; in particular procedures for reassessment and resubmission. I get the distinct impression from talking to teachers and students that they(students) sometimes get multiple […]