To LMS or not to LMS

This sabbatical report on Learning Management Systems is worth reading.  While not particularly enlightening it did highlight a few key issues for me. Why use an LMS?  There seems to be an assumption that this is what every school needs.  Is it?  Does a school of 180 students need its own LMS?  What are the benefits of […]

Sharing the learning

Most secondary schools in New Zealand have an LMS of one kind or another, but nearly all of them are based around a single school.  The exceptions to this exist in rural New Zealand where many of the schools who belong to eLearning clusters share an LMS within the cluster. This probably reflects the competitive […]

Selling ideas

Yesterday I travelled to Twizel Area School to deliver the first of eleven presentations to Cantatech schools. What we are trying to achieve is to sell an idea – that is the educational possibilties of online technologies. Our main focus for that is the Cantatech Moodle site, but there are numerous web 2.0 technologies that […]


The Cantatech Moodle site as been up since the beginning of term now and I have had a good play over that time. My Classics course is delivered entirely online with a video conference lesson each Friday. So I thought it might be time to reflect on what I think of Moodle… Well in short, […]