Stories from the frontline: the eTeacher

One of our eTeachers shares the experience in the video below. Points I took out of it? You need to be keen and interested The practice of teaching online can be beneficial to your face to face teaching You are likely to get some fairly motivated, bright sparks (although they won’t all necessarily be like […]

Temperature Check – how are the courses going?

I have finally gathered all the data together from the students surveys completed at the beginning of term two and shared them below.  I have included last years’ results at the top so you can cycle through and compare.  There is one new question which asks students whether they feel their self-management skills have improved […]

Course Reflection: Temperature Checks

Had a great video conference session with my students on Friday.  We spent a good twenty minutes discussing a temperature check I had run in the course.  This is basically a quick survey of students to gain feedback on how they think the approach is going so far.  I don’t believe in imposing what I […]

Course Reflection: So how is it going?

So how is the study group approach going with my L3 Classics course?  Well interestingly I would say.  The progress has been reasonably good, especially with a couple of groups.  One in particular just took off and another one really struggled to get anywhere.  It has required a lot of monitoring and following up from […]