What does effective professional learning look like?

Well we think we have some idea … Have a look at the slideshow by clicking here  Our regional cluster project on blended learning was firmly built on the development of communities of practice to enable teacher professional learning. Our model largely avoided the concept of professional development workshops run by so-called experts where teachers […]

Leadership Event: Networked Schooling (WestNet)

We recently ran our third leadership event for the Southern Central Divide Regional Cluster.  Once again we focused on analysing the possibilities of networked schooling, but this time we did it out on the West Coast for the WestNet principals.  There were many similarities to the event we did in CantaNet last year,  but this time […]

Sharing best practice: just putting it all out there

I recently conducted a review of a module in one of my own courses.  It is a course that I have found frustrating at times and is one of the first times I have really had to cajole students to participate.  Anyway I think this is a fantastic way to share practice of online teaching. […]


It is hard to say that things are getting back to some semblance of normality, but work certainly is.  Recent focus has been on the ICTPD Regional Cluster and in particular the two PD days we had for project teachers in Hokitika.  While we are broadening the focus, we still have a core group of […]