The tyranny of the urgent

While I have been working today I have been multi-tasking a bit by also listening to various videos from EDtalks.  There was one I had to share just because it really resonated with me.  It is Lee Crockett’s presentation at Ulearn in 2010.  Many of the themes that he covers are very familiar, but his delivery […]

Thoughts: Teaching vs Learning

I spent most of last week having a fantastic time at ULearn, but one thing I did notice during the week (and increasingly over the last few years) is the term “pedagogy” flying around everywhere.  It seems to be dropped into every presentation and every conversation without seriously considering its meaning.  Simply put pedagogy is […]

Sharing best practice: just putting it all out there

I recently conducted a review of a module in one of my own courses.  It is a course that I have found frustrating at times and is one of the first times I have really had to cajole students to participate.  Anyway I think this is a fantastic way to share practice of online teaching. […]

Unlearning pedagogy

This is a presentation (wordpress won’t let me embed it) I put together for my post grad course on online learning. It summarises a very thought provoking article I found in the Journal of Learning Design. The author outlines seven deadly teaching habits: The more learning the better Teacher should know more than students Teachers lead, […]