Leadership Event: Networked Schooling (WestNet)

We recently ran our third leadership event for the Southern Central Divide Regional Cluster.  Once again we focused on analysing the possibilities of networked schooling, but this time we did it out on the West Coast for the WestNet principals.  There were many similarities to the event we did in CantaNet last year,  but this time […]

Networked Schooling

Embedded below is an edtalk from my colleague, Trevor Storr which was recorded at Ulearn this year.  In five minutes Trevor highlights some key issues and opportunities around the fibre rollout.  There is a chance to completely change the way schooling is organised in this country, and very much for the benefit of the learner. […]

Innovation in a broadband world

It has been difficult keeping up with blogging recently so hopefully I can get a few up in one fell swoop and this is definitely the most important.It is well over a week since we had our first leadership event for the Southern Central Divide ICTPD cluster, bit I think it is important to recognise […]

Cantatech Principal Meeting

In the second to last week of last term the Cantatech Principals got together for our regular termly meeting. It was held at UC Plus on Montreal Street with some of the principals VCing in. It was also good to have my eMentor there – Chris Parsons from the Southern Regional Health School. Chris is […]