Enrolments are finally starting to settle down and courses have started, but the major focus for this week was Orientation Day.  This is a rare chance to get students and teachers together face to face and it an important part of kicking off our courses.  Both research and experience show that face to face opportunities […]

Week Two Madness

Second week in has been extremely hectic. Enrolments have been coming in thick and fast as well piles of questions from teachers / eDeans.  In a way I have been the help desk for the enrolment procedure, helping out those who need it.  It has been great to see schools taking ownership of this process […]

Week One: Enrolment process heating up

Well here we are at the end of the first real week of the new CantaNet cluster It’s been a busy week with enrolments coming thick and fast, both from within  and outside the cluster. One of the big changes this year is expectation that schools will enrol students themselves. The new vln site allow […]


Online Environment: Our shared moodle has now been in use for a term and a half.  During that time we have: nearly 2000 registered accounts (and growing all the time) and about 4000 page views per day.  This shared virtual classroom ‘space’ is being used by teachers and learners from over 30 schools.  It has […]