Temperature Check – how are the courses going?

I have finally gathered all the data together from the students surveys completed at the beginning of term two and shared them below.  I have included last years’ results at the top so you can cycle through and compare.  There is one new question which asks students whether they feel their self-management skills have improved […]

Student Orientation 2012

Last week we held our annual student orientation at Ashburton College (which seems to have continued to be our go to school for these events – thanks Anne and Grant).  As in the past the day is designed for students and teachers to meet for some face to face time to kick off the year.  […]

News: Up and going in 2012

Well here we are already three weeks into the first term and I’m finally feeling like I have my head above water.  While there a few minor changes still going on in enrolments, most courses are settled and well under way.  The three weeks prior to this were just plain mad, which actually seems to […]

The students tell us…

I have finally managed to publish the term two student survey results.  It took a heck of a long time to get the majority of them to respond, but we got there in the end. The results have reinforced growing evidence that the student experience of CantaNet course is improving and interesting to note a […]