Deconstructing Michael: Consistency is the key

I have finally returned to Michael Barbour’s analysis of the Virtual Learning Network (VLN), completed last year.  It you haven’t read it, then I recommend you do so (click here), especially if you have an interest in the future of the VLN (or CantaNet).  It is a very accessible read. In this post we have […]

Temperature Check – how are the courses going?

I have finally gathered all the data together from the students surveys completed at the beginning of term two and shared them below.  I have included last years’ results at the top so you can cycle through and compare.  There is one new question which asks students whether they feel their self-management skills have improved […]

The students tell us…

I have finally managed to publish the term two student survey results.  It took a heck of a long time to get the majority of them to respond, but we got there in the end. The results have reinforced growing evidence that the student experience of CantaNet course is improving and interesting to note a […]

Self Managing Learners

I had an interesting discussion with one of my students today.  He had given me feedback outlining some difficulties he had been having, most notably with actually understanding what to do.  I take a modular approach to course design where students work through a two week block of learning with a set of tasks to […]