We never seem to completely move to a position where we don’t need reminding of this, so here it is… This is about far more than just providing greater course options for students. That is the bottom line for many of our smaller schools, but it does not explain why larger schools like Ashburton College […]

Deconstructing Michael: Re-considering Student Learning Space

Not only is this a post summary (not really an analysis this time) of Michael’s views on how student learning spaces could be set up to support online and blended learning, but it is also a bit of a follow up to my previous post on “the way we do things”.   Over to Michael… […]

“This is just how we do things”

Yesterday, while chatting with Derek Wenmoth, something he said resonated with me.  While this isn’t unusual, I like the way he put this particular issue.  In reference to schools’ adoption of blended learning and online programmes of learning (currently the video conference courses) he mentioned that they should not be treated as separate components.  That […]

Regional Cluster Progress

Taken from our recent milestone… We continue to make progress towards our cluster goals and while challenges remain, the achievements of the regional cluster are significant so far. The key goal of developing the capacity of the core group of teachers, both in their ability to develop strategies for effective blended learning and their willingness […]